Friday, June 29, 2007

Below the radar

I went to a fundraiser last night, which is actually not what this post is about. I didn't know many people, I was enjoying the fusion lamb skewers and the free wine and started chatting with the guy next to me. As it turns out he is the marketing director of Nando's, a chicken restaurant, which I have never been to. I know where there is one in my area, I told him, but I have never been. So we indulged in a little social profiling. He was trying to understand why his campaigns have failed to reach me, as I am in the demographic he is trying to reach. 25-45, employed, on the go, and so on. He was surprised to find out that I completely fall out of his radar-I listen to CBC radio, read the Guardian and NY Times on line and Hollywood gossip blogs. And I am single. Apparently he was trying to reach the women in my category by doing ads on Z 95.3, dodge ball games and appeal to the young moms on the go, that want fast dinner for their family. What about the vast amount of single women, who don't cook much because they live alone, I asked? We don’t try to target them because they don't buy large quantities. What about leftovers, I can tell you I really like having my take out leftovers for lunch the next day. I can see his wheels spinning. Anyway, I feel that he was missing a large demographic which has purchasing power, even if we seem below the marketing radar for flame broiled chicken. So, don't be surprised to see a new slogan incorporating leftover chicken and the single lady.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

a simple summer post

just got home and i am about to have a glass of wine and go to bed. i just wanted to post some new pieces that i have been working on. it has been a little hectic lately, so i haven't posted much but it doesn't mean that i am bored! oh, and happy summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jack Russells and more

I went to the annual Jack Russell convention at Ambleside Park last weekend. A good way to get over my wisdom teeth extraction was to drag the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon to the much anticipated event. Never mind that it rained buckets, it was quite the scene, Jack Russells running at all directions, digging holes, hiding between my legs for cover, and jumping of course. There was a very special best costume talent show, best trick competition but we missed the group portrait as it was getting really too cold for my granny. Thank you George for the photos

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nine Pink Hats

I set up a tiny photo studio in my working area/living room. I actually don't mind working from home at the moment, I live alone, have a lot of space for one person and I like to take many snack breaks. And I work in watercolour, which is harmless. But I feel that I might need to move if I start working bigger. But for now it suits me fine. Here is a portrait of my pink hat ala Warhol, which I took in my tiny photo studio.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Venice Biennale

I have been researching the program of the Venice Biennale for my visit in August. I want to go prepared and research the artists before hand. I am so excited that one of my favourite artists Sophie Calle is showing in the French Pavilion. Also, I will make sure I check out the Bulgarian exhibition at the Post Office. The Canadian artist David Altmejd and his avian installation is getting a lot of buzz, so that should be interesting. I have been following this blog from the Biennale. And I am sure the Italian Pavilion will be full of colour and style, so that should not be missed. Any suggestions? Is there something or someone I must absolutelly see? Miss? I just hope I have some time left to recuperate on a piazza with a caffè breve.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

CSS and cherries

Miss K. and I are going to the CSS concert on Wednesday, I saw them last year when they opened for Ladytron and they were an absolute delight. This time they are headlining and I am pretty excited. I feel it goes perfectly with the suddenly summer feel in Vancouver. The perfect prosecco and fresh cherries weather.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Plans

I believe I have finally finalized my summer vacation plans. Most of it is family obligations and visits with friends but I have decided to pepper it with some destinations I have never visited before. I leave for Sofia on July 22 and after a short stay in Düsseldorf, I arrive the next day. I believe my uncle has it planned that we leave the very next day on the dusty roads (he likes to take the small Bulgarian back roads) to the Black Sea. We are planning to stay in a place near Bijala, which apparently hasn't been hit by the massive development of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. As a friend of mine here calls it " a Las Vegas made out of paper mache.” We are staying there two or three days and on the way back to Sofia, I hope to talk my uncle into making a detour North to the village where my father was born. It is called Slana Bara, and it very close to the Danube River in Northeast Bulgaria. I haven't visited the tiny village since I was probably 7 years old and there isn't anyone I know there as both of his parents have long passed away but I have an urge to go. I have never had it in my previous visits to Bulgaria. Back in Sofia, I am hoping to catch up with friends and celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday who is spending the entire summer there. I am planning an outdoor feast for her in my uncle's house, a Martha inspired dinner with tapas, sweet and heavy Bulgarian wine and lots of seasonal fruit, which is so great there. By the following week we will all be getting on eachother's nerves, as we are all dramatic in my family so I planned a little getaway to Venice. I leave on August 2nd and fly back on August 5th. It is probably all I can afford anyway but I am especially excited to visit the Venice Biennale. Back in Sofia, I fly out on August 7th and spend the night in charming Düsseldorf (apparently the have excellent gewürztraminer) and arrive in Vancouver the following day. Ugh, that was exosting just writing about it. Do you think it is a crazy plan? Am I trying to cram too much into this itinerary? Any suggestions where to go while visiting these designations? Your input is very much appreciated. There might be a little flowing gondola souvenir pen or a wooden vial of rose oil in it for you. PS. Can you guess which place is which?