Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh la la, eh?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Anna Plesset, Biliana Velkova, Carrie Walker

July 16 β€” August 15

Opening Reception: Friday, July 24, 6β€”9 p.m.
Artist Talk: TBA

A look at three artists who appropriate visual material through drawing. Anna Plesset's impeccably drawn reproductions of newspaper headline clippings not only call attention to the content of the headline, but also explore illusion, control, and the ephemeral and physical qualities of the newspaper itself. Biliana Velkova uses carbon paper to trace the covers of the tabloid magazine "In Touch Weekly". Seen together, the melodramatic statements and vague images become poster-like chronicles of pop culture fascination with celebrity lives. Carrie Walker acquires antique drawings through online auctions and then alters them by adding her own highly detailed drawings of wildlife. The stylistic and thematic differences between her work and the original create odd scenes and narratives that inevitably beg questions about the intention of both artists.

#140 - 1 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 4H3
Tue.β€”Sat. 12β€”6 p.m.

Tel: (604) 838-6816