Friday, June 29, 2007

Below the radar

I went to a fundraiser last night, which is actually not what this post is about. I didn't know many people, I was enjoying the fusion lamb skewers and the free wine and started chatting with the guy next to me. As it turns out he is the marketing director of Nando's, a chicken restaurant, which I have never been to. I know where there is one in my area, I told him, but I have never been. So we indulged in a little social profiling. He was trying to understand why his campaigns have failed to reach me, as I am in the demographic he is trying to reach. 25-45, employed, on the go, and so on. He was surprised to find out that I completely fall out of his radar-I listen to CBC radio, read the Guardian and NY Times on line and Hollywood gossip blogs. And I am single. Apparently he was trying to reach the women in my category by doing ads on Z 95.3, dodge ball games and appeal to the young moms on the go, that want fast dinner for their family. What about the vast amount of single women, who don't cook much because they live alone, I asked? We don’t try to target them because they don't buy large quantities. What about leftovers, I can tell you I really like having my take out leftovers for lunch the next day. I can see his wheels spinning. Anyway, I feel that he was missing a large demographic which has purchasing power, even if we seem below the marketing radar for flame broiled chicken. So, don't be surprised to see a new slogan incorporating leftover chicken and the single lady.


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