Sunday, January 17, 2010

Biliana Velkova for Revlon

Biliana Velkova for Revlon, 2010
Digital print on archival paper

Biliana Velkova for Revlon is a continuation of my research in studying the relationship between art, marketing and authorship within the context of our consumerist and cultural milieu. Currently, I am working on performance and multi-media projects to blend the line between art, advertizing and commodity to another level; producing a body of work that utilizes tools actually used in marketing campaigns, including video ads, poster campaigns, and product launches. Reminiscent of celebrity marketing campaigns that use a popular icon to create a brand name, this work challenges this phenomenon with the creation of “media-hype” around an unknown persona that is devoid of any famous trademark. This project questions how and when a common person becomes a brand, thus blurring the lines of art, commodity, and social identity.


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