Monday, January 12, 2009


If it wasn't cold enough this article makes it even worse. The current situation in Bulgaria seems to be worsening. It will be almost two weeks since Russia cut off the country's natural gas supply. Gas is the main source of heat in Bulgaria and Russia is the one and only supplier. Russia is getting even with Ukraine, settling a new price for gas and it wants to make a point of being a powerful source shut off the gas not only to Ukraine but Bulgaria also. It will be always these little countries suffering when the big powers draw lines in the sand box of Europe. And what makes me mad is that people in Bulgaria have become so blaze about it. The shutting of heat has become a mere inconvinience, a reminder of the good old days when we had scheduled power outages to "save power". My uncle thankfully has a fireplace, so he is warm. I have not heard from him though, because he emails me from work and the school where he works is most likely closed as most schools in Sofia were shut down because of the heat shortage. The photo above is from the NY Times, the monkey looks especially sad huddling next to a heater.


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