Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love. Change. Life

In the spirit of the current show, the first major change already occurred. I moved! I don't think this is a favourite past time of anyone but I especially do not like it. It is not so much the physical exhaustion of it all but the emotional trauma that happens with the change. It really does take a toll on me and the ones around me. But we did it, thank you all for your help! My family was great. And now I am writing this post from North Van, sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen as she is making crepes. I am a teenager again! I am getting settled here for a week until I leave for Sofia and then there will be the other big move to Saskatoon. But I will deal with this when the time comes. For now I will enjoy crepes with homemade quince jam and while sipping an espresso. Mmmmm. I am also posting photos from the opening, thank you dear James for the photos and also Cathy and Elise for their great job curating another fantastic show!


Blogger Crissy said...

Miss Bilana, how do you always look so wonderful?! :)

10:21 p.m.  

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