Saturday, May 24, 2008

честит 24 май!

or Happy Alphabet Day! Can you guess which letter am I? It is a trick question. I guess my fascination with fonts was nurtured from an early age.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pictures warms my heart and makes me want to cry -- weren't these school days just awesome!!! I have a very similar picture and I was the letter "dj" and at our alphabet celebration I had to make frog noise as part of my little poem and performance :) Thank you for the picture and letting me reexperience a wonderful moment fo my childhood.

3:49 p.m.  
Blogger Miss Biliana said...


They were great days, weren't they! I am so thankful to have grown up in those somehow simpler times but nevertheless so memorable. On a side note, when I showed this photo to my friend she said that we looked like a giant typewriter!

7:50 p.m.  

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