Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ahhh, Cristóbal! He was ahead of his time. His strong lines, well constucted corsets and deconstucued hemilines. I remember being engulfed in Zha Zha Gabor's biography (she was an indulgent passion of mine) was in a dramatic shouting match with one of her many husbands when he pushed her from the penthouse of the Las Vegas hotel they were staying in. And it was only the strong stiching of her Balenciaga gown that saved her from plumetting into the Vegas strip. I know this was probably exagerrated but it made me really interested in vintage Balenciaga. I did a few small oils based on Balenciaga patterns, which were very experimental at the time but it justified my indepth research. Of course today the brand is headed by Nicolas Ghesquiere. I make a habit of going and petting his bags at Holt Renfrew, they relax me somehow. Anyway, here is to you Mr. C! And Mr. N!


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