Thursday, May 03, 2007

Slowing Down

I was on my bike slowly riding (as per usual) across the viaduct, a narrow bridge wide enough for one to make their way across the Vancouver skyline. I always get the feeling I am flying when I am on it and my usual vertigo mysteriously does not act up. A better equipped, much faster cyclist impatiently got behind me as he couldn't pass me. So we engaged in a conversation. Me on my 50's british racing green bicyclette and him on what I can see a ten speed yelling through the traffic noise. We got the usual "Are you French" and "What is Bulgarian food like" questions quickly out of the way, only to have time before descending onto Main St to discuss the importance of slowing down. And as we got off the bridge he quickly zipped pass me shouting a quick see ya! PS. please note the picture posted is from Cambie St bridge, as I don't have one from the viaduct. I am too scared to get off my bike to take one.


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