Friday, May 04, 2007

I love the first weekend in May. It is the weekend before my birthday, it seems the rain is gone for good, the back alleys of Strathcona are filled with lilacs. And it is the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. I am not a horse lover, never even been on one, I think I gave a scottish mint to one in upstate New York, but that is a separate story. I like the idea of the Kentucky Derby because of the great array of ridiculous wide brim hats, orange tanned old man and mint juleps. I like the tradition of it, the exclusiveness, the tackiness of wealth. Apparently the Queen is going to the Derby this year. I try making mint juleps at least once year around this time. Last year I actually made them before going to the races in our very own Hastings track. I even muddled the mint leaves the night before and soaked them in sugar syrup for a more potent minty taste. And I used the best of Kentucky bourbon. They turned out great! And after a few refreshing rounds we headed off to the races. I lost $12.00 that day but it was a day I won't forget.


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