Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pink Shoes and Lemon Drops

Our gallery was nominated for the best gallery on the North Shore and the award ceremony was tonight. The nominations come from the readers of the local paper and are announced in a fancy theatre in West Vancouver. I was excited to get into my role of a West Vancouver socialite and dressed up in a black dress accented with pink rhinestones. I treat these functions as stages for performances. To fully get into my role I had to arm myself with a Starbucks drink, I chose a green tea soy latte. My chevette stood out in the parking lot full of fine German cars but once inside I fully immersed myself into the role. I chatted with a lady in a pink Chanelish outfit with a blond bouffant hairdo, whose dog spa was nominated in the best "Pet Award" category. We talked at length about the upcoming annual westie walk at Lighthouse Park as we nibbled on tuna tataki bites and sipped lemon drop martinis. The North Shore is in a special category for me. It is another world, separated from Vancouver by water and only accessible by a ferry and two bridges. It is all about white glove service, British accents and colonial looking gardens. I feel like it is the 50's when I am there, which is five days a week. A lady once told me that I should add "dahling" to the end of my sentences because apparantly I sound just like Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Back to the nomination gala. We did not win but was still a great show. There was a dance performance with covers of Mama Mia and a guitar solo as we watched slides of inspirational photos from the community. There was even some fake fog released on the stage. Very dramatic.
After the gala, I got home and tossed my pink shoes. The look of the tired West Vancouver socialite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations on the nomination! and these are cute shoes :)
also congratulations on starting the blog -- i'll be checking it regularly to see what you've been up to


11:44 a.m.  

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