Monday, April 10, 2006


Last winter I spent a month at a Korean theme park called "Everland". It is about one hour south of Seoul and it is built to resemble Disneyland. I was hired as an English teacher, and together with a group of about 20 more odd people, spent my days living and breathing Everland. We lived at the Everland Hotel, which was actually a love hotel with mirrored ceilings and red shag carpeting. We ate at the Everland restaurant, where we were served by knock off Snow Whites and Seven Dwarfs. But my favourite part was the park itself. I was fascinated by the landmarks surrounding us. There was a Switzerland Village, a Sahara Desert, 50's American Town and a Greek Amphitheatre. I took photos of these wonderful fake structures pretending I was actually at the place they were supposed to represent. I am planning to print them on shot glasses and preserve them as tourist souvenirs. I like that these copies have become better then the reality they copy.


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